Steve has a broad background in both public and private accounting and has been assisting small businesses and individuals in the Santa Barbara area for over 30 years.

Steve’s mission is to treat his clients as he would want to be treated in a professional engagement.  

In the area of taxation, Steve does this by doing everything he can to make sure his clients tax returns are prepared completely and accurately through diligent understanding of the laws and that their taxes are minimized through his analytical and creative interpretation and application of the tax laws to find any loopholes that would benefit his clients.  

In the area of financial planningSteve assists his clients with review of their investment portfolio and also works in tandem with Investment advisory firms with regards to the active management of their assets.  Steve will also refer his client to an investment advisor if their financial situation warrants such services.

In the area of Real estate, Steve’s practie in this area is limited to assisting clients selling their home or investment property by referring their listing to a listing agent.  Steve receives a referral fee happily paid by the listing agent and then provides free tax consultation and guidance during the marketing and closing process.  Steve considers this approach to be a win-win situation as his client gets excellent tax advice they would pay for otherwise and the commission is no different without the referral since this is paid by the listing agent.











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