I have always thought testimonials were a lot of BS, especially with regards to professional services.  Even the verified sites that only allow actual buyers, members etc. to post are staged to some extent.  So thought I would just write my own inflated testimonials.  Probably not very professional, but our president has changed the bar on that and just about everything else these days.

Steve rocks!

Steve got me back a huge refund that I immediately spent on a long expensive vacation with my partner.  I spent the entire refund and she ended up dumping me for this Aussie dude, but it was still a great vacation and looking forward to more big refunds that I can waste.

Dee Nial

Steve’s reply:
I told him he was only getting a refund because he had far too much withheld from his wages and that he should have his withholdings reduced and invest the difference each month but he didn’t appear to hear a word I said.

Steve has some huge skills!

Not only did Steve save me a lot of money in taxes, but he also gave me some great advice on managing my investments.  And to add to it all, ran into Steve out in the water at The Strand and he was carving it up in double overhead waves!  He was pulling into some huge, really huge, the hugest barrels out there, so didn’t see him much until he popped out nearly every time.  Dude is legend!

Steve  Sego

Steve’s reply:
This one is all true.



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