Proposed Tax legislation

All the clamor to get the tax law changes in place is completely political.  If the Republicans can’t get this done, their donors will be cutting them off.  So sad that something so substantial in our lives is reduced to subtle extortion requiring a fast solution.  I can’t think of anything I have done in my life that wasn’t planned and was done in great haste ever working out well.  The guise of creating jobs is the most ridiculous given we are in a full employment economy so the only jobs we would be creating would either be overseas or by importing immigrants who can do the work here.  I just hope the voters are not so stupid as to let this one slip by.  What we need is to completely revamp this ridiculous system we have in place that taxes those whose income is based on earnings at a much greater rate those whose income is from investments.  Working people should not be taxed more for being productive.  This is counter intuitive to a strong capitalistic society and a healthy democracy and will lead us back into a modern form of feudalism.  It’s already here given 1% own more than 50% of the world’s wealth.

3 thoughts on “Proposed Tax legislation

  1. Good comments I had not really thought about the full employment . I think there are some areas of the country that could use the jobs but I doubt that suddenly they would be ripe for investment.


    1. Jim- check the West Virginia/China deal where China will invest in the extraction of WEst Virginia’s massive natural gas deposits. So much for coal.


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