Is our Government Trumps next Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

This is in memory of my father, inducted into the US Navy on July 4, 1942 at the age of 16. 

The GOP (Gross Old Pigs) got their tax cuts with the underlying purpose to then gut social services such as health care and take us back to the pre Roosevelt days when a poor person spared us by just starving to death after working their entire life to build this beautiful country and getting paid slave wages for their hard work.  As the son of a Kentucky hillbilly and grandson of a UMW organizer in Harlan KY, my family bears witness about what it was like then.  As much as Republicans talk smack about how government should be run like a business, they appear to be intent on running it like a Trump business- into the ground and then bankruptcy.  Let’s hope that the USA is not his next Chapter 11.  One good example of the GOPs action is the IRS.   Never thought I would come to the defense of the IRS who are still ten times easier to deal with than the CA Franchise Tax Board, but here goes.  Our government is the largest business in the world.  It collected 3.4 Trillion dollars in 2018, a third of which is employment taxes, yet we had a 780 billion deficit but of course haven’t heard anything from the GOP about it.  Studies over the past few decades consistently show that one IRS Revenue Agent will collect multiple times their cost in tax revenues, yet the GOP consistently guts the IRS budget when they are in power.  This is counterintuitive if you are going to run government like a business.  If you have mandated (fixed) costs that aren’t going away, best to collect those earnings not being paid because people are gaming the system and not paying their fair share of income taxes.  This is like buying something on credit at the store and then just not paying for it.  If the business doesn’t collect, it goes under.  In the case of government, the GOP wants to reward their crooked supporters who are adamant about paying no tax at all.  Reagan raised taxes twice in his tenure (after one of the largest tax cuts in history), as did his successor Bush, recognizing it was necessary to keep our government financially healthy.  The underground economy is growing rapidly because dishonest people are seeing that the government has little ability to go after the tax crooks.  The IRS is pleading for funds to do their job but their requests are of course being ignored.  The rest of us are paying for this dishonesty.  

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